Joint Doctorate NeuroTime

The NeuroTime program is aimed at investigating the pivotal role of time processing in brain function and dysfunction. Because neurosciences is inherently interdisciplinary, research and training in neuroscience have to combine multiple approaches: developmental neuroscience, cellular and integrative neuroscience, chronobiology, computational neuroscience and and neurotechnologies. Complementary skills (ethical and legislative issues, grant writing, intellectual property, biosafety and scientific communication) are provided as well. PhD candidates mobility is integral part of NeuroTime. Each candiate will perform a research project in collaboration between two or three partner institutions (1 to 2 years in each institute). During the PhD period, each student has one main supervisor from each of the two (or three) universities granting the PhD degree.






Universität Basel
Universität Freiburg
Université de Strasbourg


Erasmus Mundus