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14:00 Summer school

SoMaS School 2016 – Synthetic and Biological Membranes: Diffusion and Interactions

Mittelwihr - The IRTG “Soft Matter Science” organizes its 6th Summer School.

08:00 Summer school

European Summer School 2016

Strasbourg - This summer, the University of Strasbourg has organized a European Summer School to the “Physics of Living Matter” in cooperation with the University of Saarbrücken.

09:00 Summer school

German as a Foreign Language: Summer Intensive Programme

Basel - The Summer Intensive Programme welcomes Students without German as their first language to learn German as a Foreign Language.



Journée d’études at the Collegium Beatus Rhenanus

- The Journée d’études at the Collegium Beatus Rhenanus took place in Basel on 3 June.


A Laboratory under the Tutelage of three Institutions– a first for the Chemical Sciences in Alsace

- In conjunction with the Laboratory for Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry at the Université de Haute-Alsace, the Laboratory for Molecular Chemistry at the Université de Strasbourg and the National Centre for Scientific Research have jointly combined forces and resources to create the Molecular Innovations and Applications Laboratory.


Rarenet Studies Rare Illnesses on the Upper Rhine

- The Rarenet network, uniting around 30 German, French, and Swiss partners on both sides of the Rhine, works to improve care for persons suffering from autoimmune illnesses and rare diseases of the mouth and teeth.