• Programme international

LICENCE – Sciences de la Terre – Geophysical engineering (UFAZ)

  • Université de Strasbourg
  • Licence ou Bac+3
  • Sciences de la vie, Sciences de la terre et de l'univers, Sciences de la matière, Environnement > Sciences de la terre


Ce parcours est proposé exclusivement dans le cadre de l'Université franco-azerbaïdjanaise (UFAZ).

This three-year undergraduate program, proposed exclusively in the context of theFrench-Azerbaidjani University (UFAZ), specialises in Geosciences with an emphasis on Geophysics. It is piloted by Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre in Strasbourg, France, which runs the country’s top Geophysics engineering school catering to carbon-based and geothermal energy companies and their service companies as well as to companies specializing in geotechnical and hydrological problems.

The program combines training in the fundamental aspects of Plate Tectonics, Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry with a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Programming. This training is provided by seasoned Professors and Assistant Professors from Strasbourg University and supplemented by specialist courses by professionals and experts.

Savoir-faire et qualifications

We place a strong emphasis on practical work in all our courses, initiate students to working in both the laboratory and the field, and give them hands-on experience with geophysical exploration methods (seismic methods, gravimetry and magnetic surveys, electro-magnetic surveys) and their corresponding data processing and analysis methods.

As no field in the Geosciences can be understood alone, we guide students to integrate all the knowledge and skills they acquire and apply them to analyze and solve practical Geoscience problems in a project-oriented framework. Our aim is to train well-rounded Geoscientists and Geophysicists with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  What are the skills of an UFAZ Geoscience / Geophysics Bachelor’s graduate?

  • He/she possesses a strong theoretical and practical background in the Geosciences (Geophysics, Geology, and Geochemistry).
  • He/she possesses the geoscience and physics insights and the mathematical skills required to deepen this background in any geoscience speciality, either through in-house industry training, further academic training, or self-learning.
  • He/she can apply this knowledge and these skills to solving new geoscience problems, pulling together insights from different fields if necessary.
  • He/she can communicate effectively in English (and also in French for some students), allowing worldwide geographic mobility.
  • He/she can work effectively in teams within a multi-cultural environment.

Poursuite d'études et carrière

We expect half of our students to apply to energy companies and their geophysical / geotechnical service companies for entry-level positions in data acquisition, data processing, and data interpretation. We expect the other half to pursue their education with a Master’s or advanced engineering degree abroad, then apply for higher-level positions in research and development, management, as well as in more technical fields.

Prérequis & Admission

Pre-requesites for students of this speciality:

  • Having strong skills in maths and physics;
  • Having strong language skills (specifically in English);
  • Being hard-working;
  • Being dedicated;
  • Being adaptable.

Only students that obtained more than 500 points (out of 700 points) on the State Examination organized by the State Examination Center (SEC) in group 1 can take the UFAZ entrance exam.

The UFAZ exam is organized and structured by the University of Strasbourg and takes place in Baku at the end of July. It is available in Azerbaijani and Russian languages and is open to high-school graduates of both Azerbaijani and Russian school departments.

The UFAZ entrance exam includes multiple-choice questions on the following disciplines: 

  • Physics (10 questions)
  • Chemistry (10 questions)
  • Mathematics (10 questions)
  • General scientific knowledge (10 questions)
  • English language

Admission ranking to UFAZ is based only on the UFAZ exam results (SEC results are not taken into account for the ranking). They are published by UFAZ's special commission, under the supervision of experts from Strasbourg and Rennes 1 Universities.

Students are offered governmental or paying basis places at UFAZ depending on their admission results in the UFAZ exam.

Students who pass the UFAZ entrance exam can also apply to other higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan.