2D magnetism in Strasbourg and Basel

Magnetic order can be preserved in layered materials exfoliated down to atomically-thin flakes, and integrated within artificial heterostructures in which the physical properties of the individual layers can be protected and combined. These materials exhibit a rich variety of electronic band structures and magnetic configurations that can be controlled by proximity effects, doping or strain, offering a vast playground for new fundamental phenomena and functionalities from nano-photonics to nanomagnetism to appear. In Strasbourg and in Basel, the physics of this emerging class of material is investigated by two original and complementary approaches: one consisting in suspending these structures as drum-like resonators and probe their magnetic and nanomechanical properties with light, the other in approaching in the near field a quantum scanning probe to detect local magnetic interactions. This project aims at joining our efforts and establishing a strong alliance in the European Campus on this very competitive topic of magnetism in 2D to unveil a comprehensive picture of the physical mechanisms at play in these structures. This project will lay the foundations for multiple collaborations between the two laboratories, in particular joint ANR/SNFS grants and the common participation in European Doctoral Networks. This regional dynamism and our burgeoning synergy will be embodied by a workshop organized in Alsace to wrap this Seed Money project by December 2025.