Overview 2024

Among other things, Matthias Wantzen investigated Lake Constance, which connects the Alpine Rhine with the High Rhine.

Matthias Wantzen is a Researcher Dedicated to Water

Rivers, creeks, lakes, wetlands: Matthias Wantzen is an active researcher of all kinds of bodies of water and how they can be preserved. In September 2023, he was appointed to the Eucor cross-border Chair in Sustainable Water Management (chaire d’excellence Eau et durabilité).

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Bernd Finger and Janosch Nieden

Eucor will have a new director

After nine years, Eucor bids farewell to Janosch Nieden and congratulates Bernd Finger on his appointment as the new director. In an interview, Janosch Nieden takes stock of his time as Director of Eucor and Bernd Finger provides an outlook.

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Eucor Science Slam Workshop with Zweierpasch

On 24 March 2024, Eucor is organising a science slam workshop hosted by the bilingual hip-hop duo Zweierpasch. Register now.

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MUN Eucor by Eucor - register now

The first Eucor MUN will take place on Saturday, 27 January 2024. MUN stands for "Model United Nations" and is a educational simulation in which participants take on the role of delegates to the United Nations (UN).

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