British and North American Cultural Studies

  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Master-Abschluss oder Äquivalent, Master's degree or equivalent
  • Languages, Literature and Culture


The Master of Arts in British and North American Cultural Studies focuses on the theory and practice of English-speaking cultures in Great Britain and North America. This means that we study the world of Shakespeare just as much as the world of Walt Disney, and we work with the textual technologies and media products as well as theoretical and methodological concepts which have been developed and proliferated in the past few decades.

Prerequisite & admission

Mit besonderen Zugangsvoraussetzungen. Die Zugangsvoraussetzungen ergeben sich aus der Zulassungsordnung (siehe dazu unten die Box "Satzungen"). Nähere Informationen erhalten Sie auch bei der Fachstudienberatung.