Two projects in the field of “Teaching” and six projects in the field of “Research and Innovation” will be funded in the fourth funding period of Seed Money of Eucor – The European Campus. On 17 December 2020, the Assembly of the university alliance selected the projects based on the recommendations of experts from the five member universities.

Every year, 300,000 euros from the member universities flow into a joint Seed Money budget to promote the networking of scientists. Despite the current pandemic, the Seed Money initial funding scheme once again met with strong interest, with 27 applications submitted.

In 2021, the following projects will receive funding through Seed Money:

Category “Teaching”:

  • Geothermal Master Field School
  • Innovation dashboard seminar

Category “Research and Innovation”:

1. In the field of Physical Sciences & Engineering

  • Wearable Compulsive Behaviour Detection: Clinical Study on Hand Washing
  • From Precision Soft Matter Synthesis to GRAdient PolyMeric MAteRials (GRAMMAR)

2. In the field of Life Sciences

  • Characterization of the plasma membrane lipid organization in Fabry disease
  • ROSkillers

3. In the field of Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Landscape and sustainable energy transition: the legal protection of landscape(s) through the prism of the energy transition

Further information on the projects will follow shortly here.