Connecting – Editing – Programming – Learning (CEPL): sowing the seeds for joint teaching and research in digital papyrology, philology and ancient history in the European Campus

The project in the field of Classical Antiquity is under the direction of the University of Freiburg and is being implemented in collaboration with the Universities of Basel and Strasbourg. Students are introduced to reading, editing and publishing of Greek papyri online, a considerable number of which can be found in the manuscript collections of the three universities. The aim is joint teaching development in the fields of papyrology (focus in Strasbourg), ancient history (focus in Freiburg), and digitization of historical manuscripts (focus in Basel), eventually contributing to the existing trinational master’s programme in the field of ancient studies. The project is supported by Eucor – The European Campus in the “Teaching” category of the Seed Money scheme.


Links to the papyrus collections of the participating universities: