C4-PON: Establishment of a Cross-border Competence Center for the Characterization of (micro) Pollutants and their (in)organic Nanovectors around decommissioning sites: Application to the Grand Canal of Alsace and the Old Rhine (Fessenheim site, Alsace)

The project focuses on the problem of notably metallic micro pollutants in the context of the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. At the Fessenheim site, extensive analyses will be performed associated with the assessment of the potential mobility of these micro pollutants in the ecosphere. As part of the project, a comprehensive methodology – transferable to various industrial places and scenarios – will be developed. The partners will set up a cross-border competence center in the frame of Eucor – European Campus, dealing with respective environmental analyses and their assessment. The project is supported by Eucor – The European Campus in the “Research and Innovation” category of the Seed Money scheme.


This project is now closed. You can find out more about its implementation here: