Eucor CWS PhD Network

Due to climate change, mismanagement and multiple use conflicts, the socio-ecological integrity of rivers has become a globally critical issue. This project aims to develop and test innovative solutions addressing the river crisis, and formulate recommendations to upscale this know-how to other hydrological and cultural contexts beyond Europe, based on thematical studies in the Rhine and other European rivers. The 18 months Seed Money project will reinforce the Eucor partners working on interdisciplinary methods and solutions, aiming at practical science-policy transfer in the context of riverscape management, perform transboundary fact-finding workshops in cooperation with the local stakeholders, generate a competitive proposal including Eucor partners for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Doctoral Network (DN) with about 15 PhD theses. Theses will be jointly elaborated and supervised by an international team of experts, in close cooperation with the new Eucor MSc. course and the new Eucor Excellence Chair on Water Sustainability, interacting and fostering further European projects.