Funding opportunities of the member universities

UHA Greillenbreit

In order to meet the needs of the teaching and research staff involved in cross-border cooperation, the Eucor member universities have created the joint funding instrument Seed Money, which enables new innovative projects in the field of research as well as in the field of teaching to be launched every year. But each university also has its own tools to support mobility and cooperation within Eucor – The European Campus.

Mobility and especially mobility for only a few courses often involves commuting regularly between two of the member universities. In order to ensure that the related costs are not a barrier, the universities all offer to cover these costs, either in full or in part and in different ways depending on the legal context in Germany, France and Switzerland.

"Thanks to Seed Money, we have been able to strengthen the cooperation between Strasbourg and Freiburg around Turcology and Islamic studies, which are rare but central disciplines in the tradition of both universities."

Aude Aylin de Tapia

Jun.-Prof. Aude Aylin de Tapia

Junior Professor, Islamic Studies and Turcology, University of Freiburg


University of Freiburg and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

In Germany, the University of Freiburg and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) reimburse train, tram and bus tickets for their respective students (including PhD candidates) if the journey is due to attendance of a course or participation in an Eucor-related event at another member university. Both universities can also cover the costs of staff travelling to other member universities, e.g. to prepare a joint project or to attend a training course. 

In addition to travel costs, both universities also have funding tools to help finance events organised within the framework of Eucor and to fund pilot projects encouraging mobility between the member universities.


Universities of Haute-Alsace and Strasbourg

In France, the Universities of Haute-Alsace and Strasbourg also provide support to cover the transport costs of their students within the framework of Eucor mobility, this support taking the form of a fixed allowance. In addition, other funding possibilities can be applied for to cover the costs of staff mobility or to initiate and further develop cooperation involving several member universities.


University of Basel

In Switzerland, the University of Basel offers reimbursement of train, tram and bus tickets for students travelling to another member university to attend a course or a Eucor event. In addition, the University of Basel has a dedicated instrument to support the development of innovative bi- and tri-national training offers at master and doctoral level within Eucor – The European Campus with its annual call for projects, the Cross-Border Education Grant.