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#QUSTEC Portrait: A European doctoral degree

Alessandra Colla is a European Campus doctoral candidate working on a dissertation in quantum physics. The Freiburg physicist is participating in the program ‘QUSTEC – Quantum Sciences and Technologies at the European Campus’. For her dissertation the 26 year old is researching irreversibility and entropy production in quantum non-equilibrium systems, which involves her investigating essential […]

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#QUSTEC Portrait: From Seaworm Genes to Magnetism in Microwave Fields

“The thing I like best about my work here is the free-minded spirit of my supervisors,” says Daria Sostina, who currently is a QUSTEC doctoral student at the Institute for Quantum Materials and Technologies (IQMT) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). “Working with Professor Wernsdorfer and Dr. Philip Willke is very different – everything here […]

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Sebastian Brant – A Humanist from the Upper Rhine / Interview with PD Dr. Terrahe

May 10, 2021, will be the 500th anniversary of Sebastian Brant’s death. The late medieval writer is mostly known for his literary work “The Ship of Fools”. The University of Basel, where Sebastian Brant served as a professor of law, is honoring him with an online lecture series, which coincides with academic events at the […]

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800,000 euros for a feasibility study on the development of an innovation region around Fessenheim

Eucor – The European Campus receives Franco-German funding. How can the Fessenheim area become an innovation region after the closure of the nuclear power plant? Eucor – The European Campus and the “Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research” (URCforSR) will develop a feasibility study with concrete investment options by the end of 2021. A corresponding […]

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An Immunology Doctoral Programme is awarded 6.8 million euros: EURIdoc

The trinational Eucor Consortium is expanding its offer to international doctoral candidates with “EURIdoc”. The European Commission will fund the new doctoral programme for immunology, a project to be established by Eucor – The European Campus. A total of 28 researchers will complete their doctorates in the Upper Rhine region as part of the “Eucor […]

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#QUSTEC Portrait: Multidisciplinary approach

“Quantum Science and Technologies at the European Campus” (QUSTEC) offers young researches the chance to choose a host university to pursue their research work. The program offers its doctoral candidates a multidisciplinary approach in order to combine the most important fields of quantum science. These diverse opportunities fascinated Aleena Joseph, a PhD student at the […]

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#QUSTEC Portrait: With mirrors, lasers and finesse

Doctoral candidate Grazia Raciti researches the dynamics of phonons as part of the Eucor program QUSTEC. Her lab experiments rely on mirrors, lasers and lots of finesse. When she isn’t tinkering with gadgets, she helps undergraduates with their experiments. Her coronavirus mask may hide her facial expressions, but Grazia Raciti makes up for it with […]

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Eight new projects funded through Seed Money

Two projects in the field of “Teaching” and six projects in the field of “Research and Innovation” will be funded in the fourth funding period of Seed Money of Eucor – The European Campus. On 17 December 2020, the Assembly of the university alliance selected the projects based on the recommendations of experts from the […]

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Call for applications: Joint professorship in quantum computing

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology invites applications for a professorship in quantum computing, which is also shared with the University of Strasbourg. Joint professorships within Eucor – The European Campus make it possible to bundle and optimally distribute the capacities and competences in the focus areas. The published call for applications for a joint professorship […]

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European Cross-Border Skills: studying is about more than just facts.

Soft skills and interdisciplinary expertise are in demand and gaining in importance – not only while studying but also later on the jobs market. Furthermore, very specific intercultural competencies are needed for cross-border teamwork. What these are and how universities recognize them, including cross-border, is the object of the European Cross-Border Skills project, or ECBS […]

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