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ERC Consolidator Grants

At the European Campus, three researchers from the University of Basel and three researchers from the University of Freiburg receive ERC Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). The microbiologist Prof. Dr. Marek Basler, the chemical biologist Prof. Dr. Dennis Gillingham and the physicist Prof. Dr. Patrick Maletinsky, are among the awardees at the […]

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“Cross-border projects require a certain finesse”

Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe, met with Eucor students at the University of Freiburg on December 2, 2019 to discuss the challenges of cross-border cooperation and European relations. Around 40 Eucor students from Germany, France and Switzerland from different disciplines came to the Rectorate in Freiburg to talk with Michael Roth. As they […]

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Wind and solar energy / Wind- und Solarenergie / Énergie éolienne et solaire

New energy for the trinational area

Coal causes greenhouse gas emissions, wind turbines disfigure the landscape, nuclear power is dangerous. There seems to be a lot of fury but little agreement on the question of suitable energy sources. What alternatives could still be used to cover power consumption? The “RES-TMO” (Renewable Energy Sources – Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine) research project […]

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Seed Money

Seed Money: results of the third cross-border funding round

For the third consecutive year, Eucor – The European Campus has selected joint projects involving member universities in the fields of training as well as research and innovation to finance their implementation. To this end, an annual budget of € 300,000 is made available by the universities in order to promote the networking of scientists. […]

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New student council

The student council of Eucor – The European Campus represents the interests of the students. It is composed of representatives of the respective student associations of the five member universities. In December 2019 it elected a new board: Hugo Doucelin, President, Université de Haute-Alsace, Alan Depriester, Secretary General, Université de Strasbourg, Sarah Ottenin, Treasurer, Université […]

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Strengthen cross-border knowledge and technology transfer

Universities, trade associations, and industrial companies in the Trinational Upper Rhine Metropolitan Region want to enhance future knowledge and technology transfer. The necessary basis will be established by the Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine (KTUR) project funded by the European Union (EU). KTUR was initiated within Eucor – The European Campus, Eucor also is associated partner […]

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Start of semester at the European Campus 2019

Every year universities of Eucor – The European Campus welcome their freshman students: At the beginning of the semester 2019/20 approximately 21,600 students began their studies at a member university of Eucor – The European Campus. Many participated in the orientation weeks which aim to facilitate the start of student life and help with the […]

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Eucor – The European Campus in 2 minutes

What is behind Eucor? Which universities are involved? Who can participate? Find out more about the European Campus!

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Joint declaration of city and university leaders

At the invitation of Martin Horn, mayor of the city of Freiburg, city and university leaders of Eucor – The European Campus met in Freiburg’s town hall on October 15, 2019, thus signaling the intensification of their cooperation. For years the presidents and rectors of the Eucor universities were used to met in the groupe of fives, […]

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Photo campaign: My Eucor souvenir

This year, Eucor celebrates its 30 years! Thanks to Eucor, over the past 30 years many students, researchers, postgraduates as well as professors and administrative staff got a cross-border experience, immersed themselves in the language and culture of the neighbouring countries, got to know different teaching formats and, of course, met new people. And you, what […]

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