Catholic theology goes international

New postgraduate course between Freiburg and Strasbourg.

Integrating theological research into studies is the core of the new “Licentiate Program in Catholic Theology,” which will start in the 2021/2022 winter semester at the University of Freiburg and the Université de Strasbourg.

“The study program makes it possible to experience the global perspective of thought in a very concrete way through professorships, course content, and internationally diverse students,” says Prof. Dr. Mirjam Schambeck, Franciscan and Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Freiburg. Through the connections especially of the Université de Strasbourg to African universities, the study program is internationally oriented and opens up the possibility for students to get to know and deepen theology on a global scale.

“The canonical licentiate is a distinctive feature of Catholic theology and enables students to engage more deeply in theological research after completing their studies,” says Prof. Dr. Philippe Vallin, director for the “Diplôme Supérieur de Théologie Catholique (DSTC)” at the Université de Strasbourg. The degree qualifies students to teach in a seminary or equivalent training institution and also serves as preparation for a doctorate.

Students are taught specific theological knowledge and skills, with particular attention to individual emphasis in their own research performance. They can choose between the specializations Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Ethics and Practical Theology.

Students begin their cross-border postgraduate studies at their respective home universities and choose between two mobility options: Either they transfer to the partner university from the third semester onwards, or they spend exclusively the third semester (for students of the University of Freiburg) or the second semester (for students of the Université de Strasbourg) at the partner institution.

The languages of instruction are German, French, and English. Admission requirements for the postgraduate program include a completed theological university degree. Applications on the German side for the 2021/22 winter semester can be submitted until September 15, 2021.

More information on the websites of the University of Freiburg and the University of Strasbourg.

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