Cross-border Eastern European Colloquium

Scholars from the historical sciences and Slavic studies discuss current projects, research trends and backgrounds of current political and social developments together with students in the “Eucor Research Seminar in Russian and East European History”. The three-part series of events will also take place in the current semester from 4 to 19 May 2021.

“In the field of Eastern European history, there are many overlaps between Basel and Freiburg. The researchers and also the doctoral students are in constant exchange despite the border,” says Dr Boris Belge from the University of Basel. “The joint colloquia will now also serve to promote exchange at student level.”

“We are also deliberately setting up topics with very current references.” adds Dr Michel Abeßer from the University of Freiburg. “To understand today’s tensions, for example in Ukraine, Belarus or Nagorno-Karabakh, we have to look at the roots of the conflicts.”

The colloquium is organised by the chairs of Modern and Eastern European History and Slavic Philology at the University of Freiburg and the chairs of Eastern European History and Slavic Studies at the University of Basel.

Programme and registration

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