Crossborder Education Grant

Cross-Border Education Grant

The Crossborder Education Grant of University of Basel is an instrument for the promotion of innovative bi- and trinational courses on the Master / Doctorate level within Eucor – The European Campus. Each spring, professors of University of Basel can apply for the call together with colleagues from at least one other Eucor partner university. The Basel Crossborder Education Grant was awarded for the third time this year. Ten projects from six different disciplines have been approved and they also received the Eucor label.

We congratulate the winners:

  • Andreas A. Müller (Basel, faculty of medicine) and Bruno Grollemund (Strasbourg): Cross-border hands-on workshop for unified care of infants affected by cleft lip and palate malformations
  • Anna Hodel (Basel, Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät) and Heinrich Kirschbaum (Freiburg): Borderline State – Performative der (Trans)Liminalität in der Slavia
  • Georg Starke (Basel, Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät) and Philipp Kellmeyer (Freiburg): Artificial Intelligence for Medicine? Trustworthy or Troubling?
  • Georg von Schnurbein (Basel, Center for Philanthropy Studies), Jörg Lindenmeier (Freiburg) and Ann-Kathrin Seemann (Freiburg): Advanced workshop for PhD students on methodology in nonprofit and philanthropy research
  • Joschka Philipps (Basel, Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät), Claudia Baez-Camargo (Basel), Pascal Schmid (Basel), Andreas Mehler (Freiburg) and Virginie Roiron (Strasbourg): The trouble with the nation-state – Boundaries and networks in Africa
  • Karina Wahl (Basel, Fakultät für Psychologie) und Philipp Scholl (Freiburg): Wearables in der Psychotherapie – Entwicklung einer Technologie zur automatischen Erkennung von zwanghaftem Händewaschen
  • Maurus Reinkowski (Basel, Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät) and Tim Epkenhans (Freiburg): A Global History of the Iranian Revolution 1978/79
  • Philippe Cattin (Basel, Medizinische Fakultät) and Bernard Bayle (Strasbourg): Summer School on Deep Learning in Computer-Assisted Surgery
  • Sabine Gless (Basel, Juristische Fakultät) and Jocelyne Leblois-Happe (Strasbourg): (Wozu) brauchen wir Gefängnisse? – Die Freiheitsstrafe und ihre Alternativen im Rechtsvergleich
  • Wolf Langewitz (Basel, Medizinische Fakultät), Michael Wilde (Basel), Götz Fabry (Freiburg) and Meinrad Morger (Karlsruhe): Healing architecture – Atmosphären und Räume schaffen, die heilen helfen

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