Eucor Science Slam Workshop with Zweierpasch


What is a science slam?

A science slam puts science on the stage. Is science dry and complicated? Far from it! In a science slam, topics from science and the humanities are presented in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. Endlessly long, scholarly lectures are out. In a science slam, the participants have only a few minutes to present their topic in a short and appealing way while staying scientifically accurate.

Why should you participate?

Have you ever tried to explain what you’re actually studying or what your doctoral thesis is about to a family member or a friend? It’s not always easy to reduce the complexity of science in a way that makes a topic understandable to people who don’t know much about it. Science slams provide a platform where master’s and doctoral students and the audience are all on the same footing. The slam is a form of science communication and an opportunity to practise speaking in front of an audience freely without notes. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Who is running the workshop?

We are very excited that the bilingual rap duo Zweierpasch is hosting our workshop. Zweierpasch are the twins Till and Felix, who rap in German and French about life on the border, everyday racism and the fight against it. Till and Felix are from the trinational German-French-Swiss border region. They write their lyrics in German and French and tour many different countries. As leaders of the workshop, they will teach you how you can speak rhythmically or sing for your slam presentation.

Zweierpasch, overcoming borders with German-French hip-hop

The choreographer and dancer Estelle Baur will also provide a warm-up training in which you learn to improve your presentation in front of an audience through your posture and gestures.

Where is the workshop taking place?

What location could be better suited for a workshop straddling the fence between science and art and between German and French than the German-French cultural centre Art'Rhena on an island in the Rhine between Freiburg and Colmar. Come and discover this place for yourself directly on the banks of the Rhine where people from Germany and France can come together.

All information at a glance:

  • What: One-day science slam workshop
  • When: 24 March 2024, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Who: 25 master’s and doctoral students from all academic fields from the five Eucor universities
  • Where: Art'Rhena cultural centre, Île du Rhin, 68600 Vogelgrun (the centre is accessible by public transport from both Freiburg and Colmar)
  • Languages: German and French
  • Course fees: The workshop is free and all participants will be reimbursed for travel expenses
  • Requirements for participation: Participants must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree programme at one of the five Eucor member universities (Basel, Freiburg, KIT, UHA, or Unistra)
  • Registration deadline: 10 March 2024
  • Questions? Write an email to

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