New deputy director at Eucor – The European Campus

Bernd Finger & Mathilde Jacq

You first worked as a cross-border project manager at the University of Strasbourg. How do you feel about your new position?
Mathilde : My academic and professional career has been strongly marked by cross-border cooperation in the Upper Rhine and Franco-German relations. I am therefore particularly honored to be joining the Eucor secretariat! I am also delighted to be continuing my professional career in the academic world and more particularly within the first EGTC specific to the field of higher education.

What experience/skills can you bring to this new position?
Mathilde : Working as a cross-border project manager at the University of Strasbourg enabled me to grasp the main challenges of Eucor – The European Campus from an operational point of view. In my previous position, I also led several cross-border projects for the students of the European Campus. I therefore became familiar with the aspirations of this target group who play a fundamental role in university life.

Can you outline the goals you want to achieve together?
Mathilde : Eucor has a new strategy with objectives for research, early stage researchers, teaching, innovation and transfer, partnerships and student life. Alongside Bernd Finger and the whole team, I want to help implement this strategy, taking into account the four focus areas: personalised health, quantum sciences and technology, sustainability and European identities.

Bernd Finger & Mathilde Jacq

From your point of view, what are Mathilde Jacq's strengths and what do you expect from your collaboration?
Bernd : First of all, Mathilde Jacq has done an excellent job as part of the Eucor team at the University of Strasbourg and has shown herself to be highly motivated, committed and professional in her work. In addition, it is very useful for Eucor to have a deputy director who is familiar with the internal procedures of the University of Strasbourg and the respective contacts in our coordination office in Strasbourg. Finally, Mathilde Jacq's background shows that cross-border and European cooperation are very close to her heart. I think we bring very complementary perspectives and experience to our work together, and I'm delighted about that!

What advice would you like to share with your new colleague?
Bernd : As the management team of the Eucor secretariat, we must always keep in mind that we have a neutral and mediating position between our universities and our countries – although we are of course influenced by our respective national and local contexts. Eucor enjoys a great deal of trust, both within the group and with our partners. We have to live up to that trust. And often, we simply have to take the time to move things forward between five universities and three countries.

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