Publication: Sustainability Research in the Upper Rhine Region. Concepts and Case Studies

The Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research has published the results of the final conference in september 2018.


The notion of sustainability, which is increasingly integrated into the lifestyles of individuals and social groups, raises several issues related to environmental protection and energy transition, as well as new economic challenges and solidarity, which also vary greatly depending on the territory.

That collective book illustrates these highly topical questions, based on contributions by researchers who took part in the international conference on sustainability held in Strasbourg in September 2018. In English, the authors propose a unique interdisciplinary approach, between environmental and social sciences, on the theme of sustainability at the Upper Rhine level, allowing both a cross-border interregional perspective in Europe and a comparison between France, Germany and Switzerland. The diversity of disciplines and perspectives mobilised at several scales (resources, energy, governance, modelling, interculturality, territorial dynamics…) make this a publication of broad scope.

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