Towards a Rhenish centre of medieval studies

Iwein-Szenen des Maltererteppichs

The “Mutualization and internationalisation of the training offer in medieval science in Strasbourg, Freiburg and Basel” project is based on an existing cooperation between the master of interdisciplinary medieval studies in Strasbourg and the Mittelalterzentrum in Freiburg. “I proposed to set up a project integrating Basel, which hosts many medieval researchers” said Isabel Iribarren, a professor of medieval history and philosophy at the Université de Strasbourg Catholic School of Theology and project leader.

The idea is to create close links between existing programs by organising joint seminars, so that students benefit from interdisciplinarity while strengthening their language skills. Part of the EUR 30,000 obtained via Seed Money is intended to recruit students to set up language tutorials. A project coordinator will also be recruited to manage the organisation and logistics of events.

“This funding is a first seed to set the stage and launch something more ambitious. For us it is a chance to consolidate and regularise exchanges and to take advantage of the geographical location of Strasbourg and the Rhenish values of the European campus to create a Rhenish centre of medieval studies”.

More information about the project Mutualisation and internationalisation of the medieval history offer in Strasbourg, Freiburg and Basel

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