© Guido Ori/IPCMS Université de Strasbourg
© Guido Ori/IPCMS Université de Strasbourg

The partners create a cross-border scientific network in the field of computer-assisted materials research. They are studying new solid-liquid ionic interfaces that are suitable for developing so-called double-layer electronic transistors. These have a charge density about a hundred times higher than that of traditional transistors, which today are integrated into almost all everyday technical objects. The project is supported by Eucor – The European Campus in the “Research and Innovation” category of the Seed Money scheme.

Summary of the closed project “Advanced modelling of hybrid interfaces towards innovative technologies”


  • Strasbourg: Guido Ori, Carlo Massobrio et Mauro Boero
  • Freiburg: Michael Moseler, Kerstin Falk
  • Basel: Stefan Goedecker