RARENET: A trinational network for the teaching, study and management of complex and rare diseases in the Upper Rhine. The RARENET network aims to optimise the management of patients suffering from rare and complex diseases in the trinational metropolitan regionby focusing on the self and inter-training or information of different target audiences (health professionals, teachers and researchers or non-specialists including students, industrialists, technical staff, not to mention patients and their associations as well as the general public), and on the interconnection and interaction of different actors.

Autoimmune diseases and rare oral diseases are targeted because of the difficulty for patients of the trinational metropolitan region to access a clinical and genetic diagnosis and appropriate care and because of the desire to create a Training dynamic based on pre-existing special expertise, in particular reference centres and skills developed in LBBR and Interreg IV Offensive Sciences A27.

While most of these diseases have a genetic basis, some of them are strongly influenced by the environment. The patient-centred project combines traditional training methods with the use of ICTs. It involves all the actors in a process of active training around the constitution of a shared, mirrored and duplicated biological collection, and the analysis of these samples for the improvement of diagnoses and a better knowledge of these diseases. These actions contribute to the widespread influence of the European Campus.

Partners: University of Strasbourg, University Hospital Strasbourg, GIE CERBM-IGBMC, CNRS, Medical Center – University of Freiburg, University Medical Center Mainz, University Hospital Heidelberg