Collegium Beatus Rhenanus

The Collegium Beatus Rhenanus (CBR), founded in 1997, is a university research and teaching structure dedicated to the sciences of antiquity and its posterity over the centuries: history and archeology of the Greek and Roman worlds, Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Egypt, and Western Europe, as well as anthropology, classical philology, and the humanist tradition. This geographical and disciplinary diversity brings together researchers in Antiquity Science from the Eucor universities (Basel, Freiburg, Mulhouse and Strasbourg) around common programmes in education and research.

The network organises an annual study day for all CBR members, especially doctoral and post-doctoral students, research projects and, occasionally, symposiums at the four partner universities.


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  • Bilingual trinational master’s degree in “Science de l’Antiquité” / “antike Geschichte” or “Histoire ancienne” / “Altertumswissenschaften”