Hermann Paul School of Linguistics

The Hermann Paul School of Linguistics (HPSL) is a doctoral school in language science: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and related disciplines. It is the result of international cooperation between the universities of Freiburg and Basel, based on the latest advances in the field of doctoral training. The school promotes research in Language Sciences based on the experience of researchers from both partner institutions and their international networks. It takes into account the highest standards of research, oral presentation of its results and their publication, in order to better prepare doctoral candidates and post-docs for the employment market. It focuses on a fruitful alliance between discipline-specific and interdisciplinary skills.
The Hermann Paul School of Linguistics offers a space of exchange where the pooling of themes, methods and traditions of different studies gives rise to innovative and interdisciplinary research, while promoting the meeting between doctoral candidates, post-docs and professors. Currently the HPSL school hosts 95 doctoral candidates.