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The Seed Money scheme consists of an annual call for projects and is open to teachers and researchers of the European Campus, and has a yearly budget of EUR 300,000, the maximum funding for any project being EUR 60,000. To benefit from this help, a project must offer an active partnership between the teachers and/or researchers of at least two Eucor – The European Campus member universities, with at least two European Campus countries being involved. It is also essential that no grant – national or international – has already been granted to the project.

For more information, including the eligibility rules for applicants and the expenses that can be covered, please consult the following documents:

All applications for funding must be submitted electronically using the form on this page. Please note that the project description must be provided in German AND in French or just in English.

For the year 2018, the submission period ran from Monday, 25 June to Monday, 1 October 2018. The projects selected at the end of this period will receive financial support, at the earliest, counting from 1 February 2019, and for a maximum duration of 18 months.

Should a question remain after reading the call for project proposal documents, please send it by e-mail to the Coordination Office of Eucor – The European Campus (seed-money@eucor-uni.org).


Can all projects claim the maximum funding of EUR 60,000?

The maximum amount is the same for both categories of funding, namely ‘Teaching’ and ‘Research and Innovation’. It does not vary in any way depending on the research or teaching sector covered by the project. It is in principle only available for projects involving three universities of the European Campus. Project leaders with only two partners are invited to take this into account.

I just filed an application. When will I get a reply?

The dossiers submitted in 2018 will be examined by scientific commissions after the closure of the call for projects, i.e. in October of the same year. The allocation of funds will then be decided by the Assembly of the alliance, which meets in June and December. For projects submitted in 2018, as in 2017, the results will be communicated in December.

I made a mistake in my request. What can I do?

Please do not submit the same project a second time. In the event of a problem, contact the Coordination Office of the European Campus at the following address: seed-money@eucor-uni.org.

Is it enough to file a project proposal to receive the funds requested?

Universities make available EUR 300,000 a year under the Seed Money scheme. A selection process is inevitable as, out of the first edition, eight projects were selected from 38 applications. The European Campus also reserves the right to allocate less than the amount requested. Finally, with the award notification, the partners are asked to provide a duly completed call for funds, in order that a bank transfer can be arranged. An updated budget may, if necessary, also be requested.

Can I start filling in the form, interrupt, and resume later where I left off?

Unfortunately, no, it is technically not possible with the tool used.

Fill out your financing application online: