PhD candidates in graduation gown.
© Sandra Meyndt

Doctoral status

Doctoral candidates have the same rights in member universities as in their home university (access to online services, restaurants and university residences, special rates in transport, mobility scholarships, borrowing from libraries, etc.). The interdisciplinary offer of the European Campus universities in terms of courses is also open to them. The number of places may be limited.

Doctoral candidates can also benefit from the existing networks between the member universities of the European Campus.

Binational doctorate: the co-tutoring of thesis

One subject, two universities. Within Eucor – The European Campus, several forms of doctoral supervision work side by side: the classical form, the national or international doctorate with double supervision, the European doctorate and the binational doctorate called co-tutoring of thesis. The latter intensifies international cooperation in research by strengthening the mobility of doctoral candidates. It enables, unlike other types of doctorate, to obtain a doctorate degree from two universities at the same time, based on a single thesis and a single exam, approved by the thesis tutors of the two universities concerned.

Information brochure “The binational doctoral degree” (3 MB)

Cross-border doctoral colleges

In addition to the co-tutoring of thesis, Eucor – The European Campus also has cross-border doctoral colleges, which offer the possibility of a structured cross-border doctorate: