A student waiting for the bus.
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Being enrolled in one university of the European Campus enables course attendance in all five member universities. In practice, students remain enrolled at their home university and pay no registration fees at the host university. With the agreement of the lecturers in charge at the home university and the host university, they can benefit from the ECTS credits attained during this mobility as part of their curriculum. In parallel, they also benefit from the interdisciplinary offer of other member universities. In effect, they enjoy the same rights of use as in their home university (access to online services, restaurants and university residences, special rates for transport, borrowing from libraries, etc.).

Temporary mobility plan or semester mobility plan

Within Eucor there are two types of free mobility. Students have the opportunity to take individual courses or entire modules at another university. This is called temporary mobility. But they also have the possibility to study for a semester or even a whole year in one of the member universities. This is called semester mobility. It is recommended to prepare this type of mobility at least six months in advance.

How do I find the right course?

Wether for temporary or semester mobility, the first step is to identify suitable courses at the host university. This can be done either through a recommendation from a lecturer or by searching in the course catalogue of the respective university. To this end, we prepared three tutorials in which you will learn step by step how to find your course.

How to prepare your mobility

In all cases, it is up to the student’s responsibility to enquire in advance with their home university on how to organise free mobility. These arrangements vary from one university to another. It is also necessary when organising mobility to take into account the different semester dates of individual universities. Transport costs are usually reimbursed in part or in full.

The Eucor Agreement guarantees recognition of the results obtained by students, however, the university of origin checks the files on a case by case basis.

The means of transport to move between the universities of the European Campus as well as the costs related to these trips are listed in the dedicated summary table.