CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies): "Religious plurality in theory and practice"

University Library of the University of Basel

The aim of the Certificate of Advanced Studies ‘Religious plurality in theory and practice’ is to foster an interfaith commitment reflected in the deepening of knowledge on interreligion theories and practices, as well as on the fundamental elements of the four great religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism) through an academic approach to their founding texts, practices and customs.

It is created by all the partner universities, while at the same time experiencing a specific development in each institution that will be coordinated within INTER-RELIGIO. In this course, seminars will bring all students together at least once a year.

This new course is aimed at anyone interested in the subject, public officials, teachers, private sector employees, ministers of religion and associated participants faced with questions related to religious pluralism and desire to perfect their knowledge of religious facts as well as to acquire skills in the management of interreligious dialogue.


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