Integrated and free mobility at the European Campus

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Student mobility with Eucor

Studies "à la carte" with Eucor

There are two forms of mobility at the European Campus: integrated mobility and free mobility. Integrated mobility applies to joint programmes between two or more universities that include a study period abroad as part of the degree programme – often for one semester or one year. Which courses are taken at a partner university is determined or may be limited by the respective degree programme.

Bi- and trinational degree programmes

Eucor – The European Campus has a dozen bi- and trinational joint degree programmes that were developed conjointly by at least two member universities. You can find out more about these programmes on our webpage for Joint course offerings.

Free mobility

Free mobility enables students to create their own bi- and trinational schedule by taking, for example, one course a week at another university. This principle applies to the entire range of course offerings of all Eucor member universities and is not limited to one, two or three courses: it is also possible to spend a whole semester at another member university – this is referred to as semester mobility – or even a whole year. All this is possible without additional registration fees or semester costs. You remain enrolled at your home university and, with the approval of your department, earn ECTS credits toward your degree. Member universities support free mobility by subsidising travel costs.

"​New cross-border friendships, improvement of language skills and a diverse offer of university courses – Going on a Eucor Mobility is a great chance to discover the Upper Rhine region"

Jonathan Döffert

Jonathan Döffert

Student at KIT and the University of Strasbourg

Preparing for free mobility

Students should inquire in advance at the universities in question about the procedures for organising free mobility and, where applicable, the recognition of ECTS credits acquired at another institution. These arrangements may vary from one university to another. To this end, each university has a network of contacts in its faculties and departments. It is also important to take into account the different academic calendars when planning your mobility. Below you will find links with information and procedures for each university.

University of Basel


University of Freiburg


University of Haute-Alsace


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


University of Strasbourg


Student mobility between Eucor universities - Explained step by step

Free mobility = maximum flexibility for studies à la carte

Generally speaking, studying abroad is a great way to improve your language skills, discover a different higher education system and come into contact with another culture. Through free mobility, Eucor takes advantage of the geographical proximity of its members and offers the opportunity to gain these experiences in a flexible way, without necessarily leaving for a semester or paying fees. It is also a very accessible way to take courses that complement those offered at your home university, whether out of pure curiosity or in preparation for your future career. It is also possible to take courses that are not related to your field of study at your home university, or to benefit from the interdisciplinary offerings of all member universities, such as those offered at:

Free mobility is a special feature of Eucor.

Every student of a member university has the opportunity to attend one or more courses of their choice at one of the partner universities.

More than just courses

Free mobility within Eucor includes more than just access to courses. Essentially, students of Eucor – The European Campus benefit from the same right to use services at any of the five member universities as at their home university (online services, canteens, student residences, reduced rates for public transport, library loans, etc.).

Sustainability certificates

Students from the Universities of Basel and Freiburg and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) who complete a certificate in sustainability at their home university have access to courses offered for the equivalent certificates at the other two universities. They will receive a Eucor certificate for participation. Further information is available by clicking on the link below.

Opening of the sustainability certificates at three Eucor universities

Now new: Students of the University of Basel, the University of Freiburg and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) who complete the respective sustainability certificate at their home university may now attend courses in the certificates of the two partner universities. They will receive an Eucor attestation for this. The topic of sustainability is a […]

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How do I find the right course?

Whether you want to attend a lecture or study an entire semester at another university, the first step is to identify suitable courses at the host university. This can be done either through a recommendation from a lecturer or by searching in the course catalogue of the respective university. To make this easier, we have prepared three tutorials in which you will learn how to find the right course for you step-by-step.