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9:30 - 17:30


Cities and Energies in Europe – Franco-German Seminar

On January 12, 2022, a Franco-German seminar will be held as part of the “Cities and Energies in Europe” series. Four presentations will take place, the first one focusing on the RES-TMO project and presented by Barbara Koch and Ines Gavrilut (respectively professor and project manager at the Chair of Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems of the University of Freiburg). Under the title “A regional cross-border approach to the energy transition: Insights from the RES-TMO project with a focus on renewable energy potentials”, the presentation will provide insights into the preliminary findings from the RES-TMO project with a focus on the RES potentials.

Other presentations are:
“Landscape, citizen mobilization and social acceptability issues around wind energy projects: a Franco-German perspective”, by Philippe Hamman, University of Strasbourg.

“Local Intermediaries in Energy Transitions”, Pia Laborgne, EIFER & KIT (ITAS).

“Energy Transformation in Dialogue: From Knowledge Transfer to Real World Experiments”, Marius Albiez & Volker Stelzer, KIT (ITAS)

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