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En raison du caractère délibérément international du programme doctoral QUSTEC, cette rubrique est intégralement rédigée en anglais. Vous pouvez néanmoins consulter cette page en français

QUSTEC is a doctoral training programme set up by the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) Eucor – The European Campus. The programme offers 39 early stage researcher (ESR) positions and outstanding training opportunities within the field of Quantum Science and Technology, in a highly international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral setting. The ESR positions each last 48 months and culminate in the award of a doctoral degree.

The doctoral research will be carried out at one of the following institutions:

QUSTEC aims to address some of the grand challenges in Quantum Science today: The principles of quantum mechanics, which govern physics, chemistry, material science and computing at the atomic scale have already led to a wave of new technologies. In new applications, quantum technologies provide a massive leap that can be a decisive factor for many European industries and markets in the 21st century.

PhD training programme

For each doctoral researcher, QUSTEC will implement a 3-tiered training structure, building on the seven principles for innovative doctoral training. This training is focused on maximizing each ESR’s employability after their training, enabling them to become future research leaders. QUSTEC training is overseen and monitored by an individualised training panel consisting of supervisor, co-supervisor and mentor. Each project includes a secondment to an industrial partner with a duration between 2 and 6 months. The training objectives will be carried out over the course of four years:

  • Four transferable skills trainings (also as part of the respective graduate programmes)
  • (At least) one high level publication and two other dissemination activities (such as conference contributions)
  • Three outreach/public engagement/citizen science/science education activities (such as workshops in schools, press interviews, etc.)

Partners and participating institutions

The project “Quantum Science and Technologies at the European Campus” (QUSTEC) has been selected by the European Commission as a joint international and interdisciplinary doctoral programme in quantum sciences and technologies. The programme is funded for a five-year period with a total amount of 9.1 million euros. In addition to 4.2 million euros from the European Union, there is co-financing from the participating partner organizations as well as from Santander through its own Santander Universities division, the world’s largest private sponsor of higher education according to a UNESCO study. QUSTEC has been launched with the support of the Franco-German University. The QUSTEC programme has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement number 847471.

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