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Biocombust: Final Conference

Strasbourg - BIOCOMBUST is a european research cooperation, that include the Eucor universities Université de Haute-Alsace and Universität Freiburg. In the framework of this project researchers analysed the emmission resulting from biomass combustion and the biological effects of its products on human lung cells. During the final conference the research groups involved in the project will present their results.



Looking back at 2014 : Eucor on the path to the European Campus

- In this booklet you can find facts an figures on Eucor in 2014.


Performing Languages Project

- The researcher Garret Scally reports on his experience in the Performing Languages Project, a cooperation of the Eucor-University Université de Haute-Alsace in Mulhouse.


Das Gehirn lernt Fahrrad fahren

- The neurobiologist Carsten Mehring is investigating how the human body learns and controls movements. The network “Neurex” enables him to exchange ideas on the topic with researchers at the other Eucor universities.