No relevant Eucor event today.


14:30 Award

EARS Prize and ceremonial address

Freiburg im Breisgau - The 20-year existence of the EARS-Cooperation will be celebrated on the 4 December with an award presentation ceremony and a ceremonial address.

10:00 Seminar

Bed and Bench Immunology

Strasbourg - The third "Bed and Bench Immunology" immunopathology meeting will take place on January 14-16, 2016 in Strasbourg.


Netzwerke mit starken Zentren (Quelle: Ivan Savin, KIT)
26/11 Workshop

Networks of Innovation

- Economic Researchers from Karlsruhe and Strasbourg Study how Cross-sector Technologies Develop.


For Openness and Tolerance

- We stand together for European values: After the terror attacks in Paris, Eucor - The European Campus expresses solidarity with its partners, colleagues and friends in France. Eucor-president Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer: „We are all deeply shocked by the Paris terror attacks and their unbelievable brutality. We stand together with our friends in France and we are united in deep sorrow. Terrorism will never change our commitment for openness, tolerance and against xenophobia.“

12/11 Lecture

French Ambassador Supports European Campus

- The French Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Philippe Étienne, paid a visit to the University of Freiburg on 12 November 2015. He learned about the progress being made on the European Campus and gave a speech on the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Paris.