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09:30 Meeting

Addiction: a neurobiological and cognitive brain disorder

Strasbourg - In order to draw attention to the latest findings in the field of neurosciences, neurex invites interested parties to a two-day conference.

09:00 Workshop

A comparison of the Higher Education and Research in Germany, France and Switzerland

Strasbourg - further education for members of Eucor – The European Campus

08:30 Athletics

Register for the Tour Eucor until 3rd March

- This year the Tour Eucor celebrates it's 20th anniversary. The registration for the tour between the five Eucor towns is possible until the 3rd of March.



Nearly 3 Million for Research on the Upper Rhine

- Kick-Off for Large-Scale Research Infrastructure Project from the European Campus and Transnational Platform in Viticulture.

Credits: J.Ruta / DFH-UFA

Eucor Postdoc: “Once you move, you recognize different approaches to science and life”

- In an interview physician Manuel Gruber talks about his experiences in a binational Ph.D at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Université de Strasbourg. For his thesis, he received the prize of the German-French University.

Credits: Dr. Max Orlich

Eucor Summer School: Discussing the society of the future

- Bachelor’s students of any subject may enroll from 1 march for the Eucor Summer School 2017. Participants will focus on issues under the headings “Organization and Culture,” “Digital Transformation,” and “Ethics and Values".