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The future of the universities of the Upper Rhine is resolutely European. For both students and researchers, cross-border mobility must become an everyday experience. To this end, member universities pool their potentials. Research infrastructures must be open. Service centres must work in a network. That is how, in terms of research and teaching, the region must become a magnet for the best young scientists and international students.

To achieve this aim, the European Campus will tackle many projects in the coming years.

Strengthening of cooperation in the field of research

In the priority themes of quantum sciences and technology, personalised health – precision medicine, sustainability and european identities, scientists are forming networks, for example in joint workshops or through joint grant applications. Universities are intensifying existing cooperation and initiating new ways of working together.

Access to specialised skills

Cooperation between universities provides access to highly specialised skills, develops them in a complementary way and makes them accessible within the European Campus.

Development of a common research infrastructure

To begin with, the research institutions attached to the university alliance will be the subject of a comprehensive census. In a second phase, the institutions will jointly draw up a programme of use. This will enable resources to be used efficiently and to create synergies.

Reconciliation of calendars

Mobility between universities must become standard. The differences between our institutions that complicate this mobility must therefore be suppressed. This is the case of discrepancies between academic calendars.

One single transport document

Journeys from one university to another should be simplified in the future for everyone thanks to a valid trinational ticket in the Upper Rhine. Eucor – The European Campus is committed to this at a policy level in each of the three countries concerned.

Networking of administrative entities

Different departments within university administrations get know each other better and share their experiences at the trinational level. In the long term, it is planned to create services that all members of the universities of Eucor – The European Campus can use jointly.