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In December 2015, the universities developed a mutual legal identity, “Eucor – The European Campus”, which takes the form of a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). They thus created the first EGTC ever, established by higher education institutions. In this context, universities retain their autonomy, but can act together under the name “Eucor – The European Campus”.


The institutions and processes of the EGTC reflect the different structures of the universities.

The Assembly is the decision-making body of the EGTC. It consists of the current Rectors/Presidents of the member universities. It sets the annual budget, defines a strategy and plans the work within the group.

The President of the Assembly and their deputy are elected by the Assembly from among its members for a term of three years. Andrea Schenker-Wicki, President of the University of Basel, is President of Eucor – The European Campus. Deputy is Thomas Hirth, Vice-President for Innovation and International Affairs at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The President is supported by the Commission of Vice-Presidents, which consists of a member of the management of each of the five member universities. Led by the President, this committee deliberates on substantive issues related to the EGTC. The current Vice-Presidents are Thomas Grob (University of Basel), Daniela Kleinschmit (University of Freiburg), Alain Dieterlen (University of Haute-Alsace), Thomas Hirth (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Jean-Marc Planeix (University of Strasbourg).

The Secretariat (in Freiburg) and the Coordination Office (in Strasbourg) provide support to the Assembly, the President and the Commission of Vice-Presidents. They are also responsible for coordinating exchanges and cooperation between decentralised coordinators at member universities.
For more information, you can see the organisation chart of the Secretariat and Coordination Office (French/German).

Coordinators in member universities are decentralised interlocutors on behalf of the Secretariat and the Coordination Office and provide immediate support to the Vice-President in their assignments. They constitute the first point of contact in the universities for any request (help in creating cooperation, questions related to mobility, etc).

The Student Council of Eucor – The European Campus is an association whose members are representatives of the student associations of the member universities. These members elect a steering committee that defends the interests of students within the EGTC bodies. The current President of the Council is Maëlle Chipault (Université de Strasbourg), who is in regular contact with the Secretariat and the Coordination Office. In the member universities, the Student Council representatives are in contact with the coordinators and thus accompany the implementation of the projects.